There is no doubt that co-parenting after a divorce or separation can be difficult, and just like any other relationship, whether it be in business or some other aspect of life, it requires cooperation. Thus, co-parenting after a divorce or separation can be difficult because it requires cooperation between people who often have fundamental disagreements. Now, add in a disagreement between the parents over the highly polarizing Covid 19 vaccine for their children, and it is easy to see how there can be significant friction between the parties. 

Now that the FDA has approved the Covid-19 for children over the age of 12, this disagreement over vaccines between parents is more common than you think in Pennsylvania and the United States at large. For example, a mother may have concerns about giving her child an experimental vaccine due to the possibility of adverse long term effects. She is not “anti-vax”. After all, she got the vaccine herself. On the other hand, the father is relieved that there is a treatment on the market. He considers the vaccines a modern day miracle and wants to protect his child from a deadly disease. Both parties have compelling arguments and it is important for parents to understand that these arguments can be used to determine if the child or children should be vaccinated. 

In the event that the parents cannot come to an agreement, the issue will probably be decided by the Court. The Court would be required to look at what is in the best interest of the child or children. Courts will typically look to experts like pediatricians for guidance as well as any pre-existing conditions that the minor might have that could cause problems. Generally, however, Courts will defer to expert testimony. 

If you and your ex are in disagreement over the COVID-19 vaccination, it will have to be resolved either between yourselves or in the Courts. You should attempt to come to an agreement through reason and scientific data before you enter into litigation. Perhaps, a meeting with your ex and child’s pediatrician can help settle the dispute outside of the Courts. However, if you and your ex are deadlocked in your positions, you should contact a family law lawyer immediately.

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