Have you received an inheritance and are now in the middle of a Divorce in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

If so, it is in your interest to determine if your inheritance is subject to equitable distribution. By law in Pennsylvania, inheritances are not subject to equitable distribution because they are not considered marital property. However, before you exhale in relief, it is important to understand that it is not that simple. There are countless circumstances in which inheritances or the products of inheritances can be considered marital property.

For example, if monies from an inheritance is deposited in a joint bank account with your future ex-spouse, that inheritance would be considered marital property. Or, if you inherited real estate, and the value of that real estate appreciated before your divorce is finalized, the increase in value of that real estate is considered marital property and is therefore subject to equitable distribution.

Clearly, the law behind inheritances is nuanced and each case is unique, but if you would like to obtain a solid grasp of the status of your inheritance, call the Mulligan Law Firm today to discuss your case with a seasoned and professional expert.

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