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The Mulligan Law Firm is one of the few Northeastern Pennsylvania law firms that has successfully handled international parental abduction cases.

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Family law does not stop at divorce. At The Mulligan Law Firm, we handle a full range of family law issues.

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If you are seeking protection from abuse order (PFA) or being threatened with removal of your children by Children and Youth Services (CYS) or the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) you shouldn't hesitate to get immediate, compassionate legal help.

Other areas of family law we practice include disputed paternity, prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, name changes, grandparent visitation, and adoption (including stepparent adoption).


Happy Clients We’ve Helped
Protection From Abuse Order As A Weapon

"I hired Attorney Mulligan in connection with a Protection From Abuse Petition filed against me. It was clear that my ex-girlfriend was just using the PFA to obtain custody of our child. Attorney Mulligan really did a deep dive into the facts of my case and recognized a pattern in my ex girlfriend’s actions and behaviors. She tried reporting me to Children and Youth Services as well as the police. When nothing worked, she filed a PFA. During the PFA hearing, Attorney Mulligan exposed my ex-girlfriend’s pattern of behavior as well as her lies. The PFA was dismissed and I was granted immediate custody of my child. Attorney Mulligan truly cared about my case and did the research necessary to achieve a favorable outcome. I would strongly recommend Attorney Mulligan for any family law matter you may be facing. I was extremely satisfied with his representation."

- N M.

Happy Clients We’ve Helped

"I recently relocated to Texas, but never notified the Father of our children properly. Needless to say, I was concerned when I received legal custody documents from the Court. I contacted Attorney Jim Mulligan who explained the process and the probable outcomes. Attorney Mulligan prepared for the relocation hearing tirelessly until the day of hearing. Fortunately, we were able to negotiate a deal prior to taking testimony. As a part of the agreement, I was allowed to relocate to Texas with our children and the Father received a very fair custody schedule. Experience in family law truly matters. I strongly recommend Attorney Mulligan for a custody or family law matter."

- EA

Client Testimonial

“I highly recommend Jim Mulligan as counsel in domestic relations cases. As a 30 year attorney, I found Jim’s counsel, advice, and representation to be both affordable and highly effective. When a close family member entrusted her case to Jim, I had the good fortune to work directly with Jim on case strategy and planning. Jim is highly competent, ethical, and a seasoned practitioner in the courtroom.”

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Client Testimonial

“Please allow this correspondence to serve as a recommendation for Attorney James Mulligan. I was recently confronted with a Dependency matter and engaged Attorney Mulligan to represent me. Mr. Mulligan walked me through the entire process and I received a very favorable outcome. Mr. Mulligan was always prepared and responded to all of my calls and texts. I highly recommend him to anyone with a family law issue.”


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Client Testimonial

“I was recently involved in a highly charged and volatile international/local custody case. I hired Attorney James Mulligan on the advice of friends and another lawyer. Attorney Mulligan turned out to be exactly what my friends said – professional and compassionate. He exuded confidence and was fully prepared for every proceeding. He also was very responsive to my emails and calls. Because of Attorney Mulligan’s representation, my ex-spouse and I worked out a mutually acceptable custody agreement. I highly recommend Attorney Mulligan to anyone who has a family law issue in Pennsylvania.”


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Client Testimonial

“Attorney Jim Mulligan was referred to me by another lawyer in connection with a very complicated custody matter. Attorney Mulligan became fully engaged in my legal matter and answered all of my questions and concerns. I was extremely impressed with his availability. He responded to all my calls and emails. Because of all of Attorney Mulligan’s efforts, we obtained a successful outcome. I strongly recommend Attorney Mulligan regarding any and all family law matters.”

Santiago Q.

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Client Testimonial

“When I had a serious custody case and wasn’t sure who to call or what to do, I called the Mulligan Law Firm. Attorney Mulligan was very accommodating and realized that I was distraught over the thought of losing my children. Mr. Mulligan rearranged his schedule to meet with me and filed the legal documents necessary to protect my interests the next day. Attorney Mulligan’s approach to my case was measured and professional. I strongly recommend the Mulligan Law Firm if you are facing a serious family law matter in Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

Mario C.

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Client Testimonial

“I retained Attorney Jim Mulligan for a custody matter on the recommendation of a friend. I couldn’t be more pleased and satisfied with his legal services. My case involved multiple custody issues, PFA’s and other serious mental health issues. Attorney Mulligan was always prepared, prepared me for all hearings and never became rattled by opposing counsel. As a result of Attorney Mulligan’s representation my family and I sleep peacefully at night. I strongly recommend Attorney Mulligan when dealing with any and all family law issues.”

Casey K.

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Testimonials from Colleagues

"We highly recommend our esteemed colleague, Jim Mulligan, because he is dedicated, knowledgeable, and reasonable. He has helped several of my clients on different matters and every time he has done an excellent job. I remember a case we had with a very short deadline; Jim took the case and got it through the finish line without a problem! He is our go-to Family Law Attorney in Lackawanna County."

— Immigration Attorney, Luis E. Canales

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