An emergency PFA Order can be obtained from a Magistrate for emergency relief and only until the next business day when the Courts are in session. At that point you must appear before the Court and request a temporary PFA. The Temporary Order can stay in place for up to 10 business days within which time the Judge schedules a final hearing.

At the time of the final hearing, the Court will entertain testimony and evidence. At the conclusion of the final PFA hearing, the Judge will decide whether the PFA should be made permanent. The final Order of protection can last up to 36 months. You can file to extend the final PFA Order by returning to the courthouse and requesting an extension. The Judge can extend the PFA Order if he/she believes that:

  1. The abuser committed one or more acts of abuse while you had the final order in place – essentially a violation, or,
  2. The abuser behaved in other ways that indicates a continued risk of harm to the Plaintiff.

These cases are unique and depend on the facts. Therefore, you should meet with an experienced Family Law lawyer to review your case.

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