Domestic abuse is a growing problem in our Country and in Pennsylvania. Last year alone there were almost 50,000 protection from abuse cases filed in the Commonwealth. In the event you are experiencing domestic abuse or being terrorized by an intimate partner, you don’t have to face it alone. 

Domestic abuse occurs when an intimate partner physically or mentally abuses the other partner. Domestic abuse can involve an assault, the threat of an assault, restricting one’s movement or repeatedly terrorizing the other individual mentally. 

There are several remedies which the victim of domestic abuse can pursue in Pennsylvania. One option is a restraining order. The other option is to request the Court to issue a Protection From Abuse Order. These Court Orders are made available to keep the abuser from harming the victims. Violations of these Orders could result in serious consequences which include the possibility of incarceration. Keeping victims of domestic abuse safe is a priority of the Mulligan Law Firm and the Court system. 

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